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United Airlines and the Case of the Walking, Talking Brand

Nobody’s perfect, right?  Yep, nobody.  But when you’ve had a week like United had last week, you have to take a good long look in the mirror and decide what... Read More

Top 3 Silent Cash Flow Leaks for Small Businesses

by Elizabeth Andrews   Running a small business is often an all-hands-on-deck operation and a lot can get lost in the shuffle. With years of experience working hand in hand with businesses,... Read More

Have They Told You Lately That They Love You?

About a decade ago a client of mine used the phrase “professional love” to describe how they felt about the work we did together, the results and our working relationship.... Read More

Let’s talk about Six

After years of working with SMB business owners/leaders and their salespeople, I have realized that there are at least six, oftentimes more but we’re going to talk about the prevalent... Read More

Top Tips For Entrepreneurial Growth

@revenue works with so many talented business owners, and they bring so much wisdom to our lives. Here are their top tips for entrepreneurs! The best possible ways for entrepreneurs... Read More

Choose Your Attitude

Have you ever read Attitude is Everything? It serves as a constant reminder to me that I get to choose who I am and how I feel. Too often society... Read More

Facilitating Powerful Networking Events

After facilitating high-level networking groups for a decade, I must say, I LOVE THEM. Why, because I control the environment to ensure success. That might sound arrogant or “controlling” but it’s... Read More

Leadership 4 Musts For An Effective One-On-One Meeting

  I’m often asked to coach leaders on the art of conducting a powerful one-on-one meeting. One-on-one’s are extremely important. They offer the leader/coach an opportunity to very specifically address... Read More