Our Team

Meet The Team

For more than a decade, our team has worked with over 200 small and mid-sized businesses to create systems and strategies that increase revenue. Our powerful blend of extensive experience, sales training and direction, marketing strategy and implementation move businesses toward long-term success.

Our Mission

We passionately create proven, effective and innovative sales and marketing processes and systems to elevate the usual tactics into impactful revenue-producing efforts.

Marie Hale

Co-Founder & CEO

For more than 10 years Marie revolutionized small business marketing and sales in the Chicagoland area with her private consulting practice, Lipstic Logic. Marie has taken those successful years of experience and now provides our clients with effective, innovative sales and marketing strategies that allow them to grow their business, empower their sales knowledge and utilize systems which allow them to automate or delegate accordingly so they can focus on their clients and what they do best. She is also proud to say that she graduated from Jim Rosas’ Sales Results, Inc. program with a Black Belt in Sales.

Marie was honored to accept the Midwest Women in Tech Leadership Award in the Marketing and Media division, 2017.

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Rotimi Kehinde

Artistic Director

An immensley creative and strategic thinker, Rotimi brings more than 10 years of brilliance, branding and simplicity to a noisy marketing world. His thoughtful and innovate designs bring brands to life and embolden messages across a variety of industries, nonprofits and events.

Sue Koch

Social Media Catalyst

Sue is one of the most sought out leaders in her industry and has traveled the country sharing her in-depth knowledge with companies such as Oracle, Accenture, and The American Marketing Association. Her unique ability to make social media easy to understand allows her to connect and engage at all levels of an organization and across generations. Whether by stage or one client at a time, Sue stops random acts of social media by providing strategic, practical and compelling solutions backed by measurable results.

Harry Semerjian

Digital Marketing Specialist

Since the early days of the Internet, Harry has created and implemented effective digital marketing strategy for some of the world’s most storied brands.  These include Wendy’s, Lean Cuisine, the Illinois Lottery, the NHL and many others. Together, Harry helps clients gain targeted awareness, conversion, loyalty, evangelism, and REVENUE!

Jenni Spinner

Content Creator

For more than two decades, Jenni has honed her skills as a professional trade and marketing writer. Having served clients in a broad range of industries, she is adept at picking up information quickly, using it to craft editorial strategy, and create copy that informs and engages audiences.

Jenni is a graduate of The Second City’s comedy writing program.

Ana María Arévalo

Graphic Designer

Ana’s eye for beauty and design comes from a variety of international experiences, and love for nature and life. She is from the beautiful city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. She got her Graphic Design degree, and since then, she’s had the opportunity to work with small businesses to transform and define their ideas through simple, balance and meaningful designs. Now, she is part of @revenue team, helping craft and designs the graphics for our clients’ marketing strategies. She loves exploring new cultures, adventuring the world and connecting to it through beauty in all forms.

Katie Cooper


Katie is a wordy Midwesterner with a California-raised father and Southern belle mother, who was brought up to appreciate hard work, ingenuity, proper manners, Van Halen, Dwight Yoakam, and a well-made batch of grits.

With 6 years of professional experience in social media management and copywriting, she’s worked with brands of all shapes, sizes, and dispositions — from passionate non-profits like DoSomething.org, to large B2Bs like Uptake. She holds a BA in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. U-rah-rah!

Kelsey Hoff

Poet and Freelance Marketing Copywriter

Kelsey Hoff is a freelance writer and poet with a focus on journalism and copywriting that serves Chicago’s creative small businesses. She is passionate about working with artists and makerpreneurs who use their businesses to make positive change in their communities and capturing nuances that make those unique brands stand out. She covers local authors, book events and poetry for the Windy City Times and has a poetry manuscript in the works. Her poems have been published in Columbia Poetry Review, Redheaded Stepchild, and poets.org. She received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago.

Carolina França

Graphics Designer

Carolina brings her creativity to life through mesmerizing graphic pieces. Her flexible style changes in order to suit the strategy required by each platform and every client. She is from Salvador, the city with the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. As part of @revenue team, Carolina designs graphics that pack a punch.


Jim Rosas, Jr.

10/10/67 -2/21/17

Beloved Father, Coach, Friend, and Partner.

Co-Founder, @revenue

Jim Rosas, long time Chicago business leader, networker and beloved sales coach and trainer, was found dead at the home that he shared with his business and life partner, Marie Hale, at the age of 49 on February 21, 2017.

Jim’s impact on the Chicago business community was evident in the more than 150 people that came together to celebrate Jim’s life at his memorial. This impact was further echoed by the litany of calls and outreach to not only to his grieving partner and team members of his latest successful venture, @revenue, but in the continuing supportive calls to his past students and clients who were also shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden passing.

“I was Jim’s client almost 10 years ago, and there are still about a dozen times a week that I wish I could call him for one of his famous pep talks or try to ask myself ‘What would Jim say?'”, says Laurie Lee, owner of Swift Passport. ‘His impact on my life and the lives of thousands of others has changed us all for the better.”

Jim truly lived his passion by empowering small businesses to create more profit and giving them and their families a brighter future. Drawing his from depth of knowledge fostered by his time at the Chicago Tribune, Value Check and Field Results Inc., to name a few, his organization, @revenue, experienced astounding growth in the 9 months that he was at the helm before his passing. As it reorganizes, the kindness of those that were impacted by Jim have helped to keep it thriving and growing in homage to his signature energy and zest for life.

His partner, Marie Hale, long-time Chicago business owner, is focused on continuing the dream they had built together. “The heart of our organization has not changed. We are here to change the world one small business at a time. The outpouring of love and support is an amazing blessing and our whole team is grateful to be partnering with those that want to honor Jim’s memory in such a meaningful way.”

Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

08/31/76 -8/7/18

Beloved Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Friend.

Office Maven, @revenue

Laura E. Wilson, 41, of Aurora passed away unexpectedly on August 7, 2018. She was born on August 31, 1976 in Aurora, IL the daughter of Richard and Linda (Leonard) Wilson. She graduated from East Aurora High School in 1994. She was currently employed with At Revenue. Laura was a free spirit who was full of life. She had an infectious smile and enthusiasm for life and she set no limits, no walls and no boundaries on what she was capable of. She enjoyed belly dancing and singing as well as many other activities throughout her short life. Her quick witted sense of humor and her ability to make conversation’s interesting and never dull  will be dearly missed by all. She is genuinely herself, no apologies or inhibitions attached. Above all else, Laura will be remembered for all the love, dedication, commitment and loyalty shown to family and friends. In keeping with Laura’s loving and generous spirit, it was her decision to donate life through the Gift of Hope so that others may live it.

She is survived by her father Richard Wilson, sisters, Lisa Wilson and Kimberly (Kevin) Yost, 3 nephews Brendon Wilson and Jeffrey and Justin Yost. She is also survived by many aunts, uncles, cousins and countless dear friends.

Marie’s Eulogy

The past year has been a year of change and growth. Laura moved through one of the most difficult phases of her life to find that she was stronger than she ever thought, smarter than she was given credit for and fearless beyond her perceived limitations.

Laura had cataracts that clouded her vision for most of her life removed and as she began to look at the world through new eyes she saw things that she had taken for granted in a new light. Mostly, she saw herself for the first time. She saw new color in her world. She saw the possibility and she moved past fear and did things that scared her, but she did them anyway.

We could all tell a million stories about her that would have tears rolling down your cheeks and laugher peeling through the room, but there is one story that I want to leave you with today.

Many of you know that I lost my life partner and my business partner last year. There were so many times that I thought I couldn’t possibly make it. I had my little girl to keep raising, my business to keep running and my soul that needed mending, and I wasn’t sure I could do any of it.

Laura began working with me and staying with me a few days a week last September. While I held it together for those that needed to see me as strong, in our space, the space we held for one another, Laura gave me the safety I needed to shred, scream, break…and she would pick me up every time. Her beautiful patience was the opposite of my need to have everything fixed already. She taught me what it was to love yourself when all the parts appeared broken. She held me when my legs failed me and gave me a place to take off the mask. I hope I did the same for her.

Laura’s driving passion was to love the people around her. In the past week, we have received letters of condolence from people that have met her once and those were blessed to spend time with her and they all said the same basic thing. That they felt loved by her. That they were lifted up by her. That she will not be forgotten.

As we leave this place tonight, and life starts moving again, as it so cruelly does after a tragedy like this, I ask you to remember this. If you remind yourself, even just once a week, to love life the way that Laura did, I promise you that your life will mean more, have more flavor and have more impact on those around you. Don’t let one person leave your presence without knowing exactly how much you love them. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is the biggest gift you will ever get. Don’t f*&# it up. Love life like Laura did. Live big.