How to Keep Going When Everything is f….unky

Having trouble staying productive? The @revenue team has compiled some of our favorite tricks and tips to help you find ways to keep going and get everything done!


Marie Hale, CEO

Her #1 trick? “Plan and prioritize!”

The best advice she’s ever received or given? “Eat that frog! Do the hard stuff first! Block time on your calendar and hold it sacred. You deserve to work ON your business!”


Andrea Keirn, Marketing IntegratorAndrea Keirn

Her #1 trick: “Make a list and get addicted to the checkmarks!”

The best advice she’s ever received or given? “ Listen with the intention of understanding, not the intention of responding- it helps you get better at accomplishing things more efficiently and more completely the first time”


Joshua Lally, Special Ops

His #1 trick? “Put away the phone and other distractions”

Best advice he’s received or given? “Following the philosophy of “done, not perfect.” Get it across the finish line, then work on beautification and perfection, but don’t risk being late because you’re stuck on details.”



Michelle Kidd, Executive Assistant

Her #1 trick? “ The most important thing is to take breaks. If you burn yourself out early in the day, you won’t be as productive overall. Take 30 minutes to get away from your desk and watch an episode of a tv show, have a snack, go outside, or whatever you can do to rest your mind and spirit.”

The best advice she’s ever received or given? “Start with the thing you really don’t want to do. If you get it out of the way, then it’s done and it won’t be looming over you anymore.”


Carolina Franca, Graphic Designer

Her #1 trick? “setting the right mood to power up concentration. For example, music usually puts me on the productivity track.”

Best advice she’s ever received or given? “It’s better done than perfect”, because sometimes I may be a perfectionist, but when time is ticking, it’s required to prioritize what is fundamental to get the job done and set aside what isn’t.”


Rotimi Kehinde, Artistic Director

His #1 trick? “ 30min Tasks 5-Min Breaks Using the Pomodoro Technique”

The best advice he’s received or given? “You are who you are today because of what you put into yesterday.”


Kelsey Hoff, Copywriter

Her #1 trick? “For writing, I set a timer for an hour and I have to concentrate on my project until the hour is up–many times the hour will fly by and I will keep going after it’s up.”

The best advice she’s received or given? “Keep it BIC (butt-in-chair)”



Danny Bernardo, Social Media Manager

His #1 trick? “Starting each week by identifying my goals, not only professionally but artistically and personally as well. I then take those goals and allocate time throughout the week to make sure they get done.”

Best advice he’s received or given: “”You can only be accountable to yourself. Prioritize the things that absolutely must get done but take time for your own well being as well.”


Raihan Reza, Marketing Support Specialist

His #1 trick? “ Stay focused, have a plan!”

The best advice he’s received or given? “ Be calm and continue doing it.”



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