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Take control of your sales and marketing in one simple tool. Coffee CRM puts sales and marketing experts on every project, ensuring a hand-in-glove experience for your team and leadership. Coffee CRM is the go-to tool that lets you track and capture new opportunities, nurture leads through outreach, and close on qualified leads with its built-in tools for payment collection, appointment scheduling, and analytic tracking.

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Got kids, pets, life happening while you work? OF COURSE, YOU DO! Krisp is going to be your lifesaver. With top of industry AI, Krisp cancels the noise around you, providing your meetinsg with clear communication and a quiet background. Marie has even been in the kitchen banging pots and pans and no one was the wiser!

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Save time and do more with Sprout Social! With the right tools, any small business, no matter the size, can extract real value out of social engagement, publishing, and analytics. After working with several social media programs we know that Sprout Social is the very best! Let’s schedule a walk through and see if it might be the right tool for you. We are Sprout Certified Experts and can help you meet all of your social media goals.

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Mixmax accelerates productivity, so you can reach more prospects, land more meetings and close more deals.

  • Track opens, clicks and downloads
  • Instantly book meetings with one email
  • Schedule messages to send later
  • Send personalized emails at scale
  • Log emails, opens, clicks, and downloads to your CRM.
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This company is how we attract and keep great talent, and take wonderful care of our team members! Get affordable health benefits, workers Comp, HR technology & govt compliance. 30 Years of HR Expertise. Serving 100K+ Businesses. Publicly traded. Affordable benefit plans plus unmatched HR expertise. For a free consultation, please send an email to Tell her Marie sent you!

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Do you use DiSC? You need CrystalKnows ! This plug-in provides personality assessments, predictions, and coaching tools for people-focused professionals. Become a master communicator! Crystal can predict anyone’s personality from their social media profile or a text sample that they wrote. Use Crystal to make your communication more impactful with a specific person, especially someone you’ve never met.

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When it comes to graphic design look no further than Canva! Canva is your own stop shop for putting together designs, offering thousands of templates for your designs, tons of photos & graphics, and hundreds of design styles it has everything you need. That’s not to mention all the cool tools that will let you work on designs with team members, quickly edit out backgrounds with the click of a button, and set up your brand guidelines to refer back to easily. Canva is the graphic designing tool that has it all!

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EPNA is here for all your merchant processing needs. EPNA not only allows you to process payments but can create easy-to-use button links to send to clients for them to either may one-time payments or set up recurring payments. EPNA can handle both credit cards & ACH transactions making it the perfect tool for you and your business to handle your merchant processing needs.

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If you are a small business owner you need Gusto. Gusto is a great tool to handle HR & payroll and is what we personally use. Gusto makes sending out payments easy, and with the ability to schedule payments automatically it can save you time as well. Gusto also makes it easy for employees to request their PTO and log and sick days that they might have, making it easier than ever to take care of your team.

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Teamwork is the all-in-one project management service that lets you and your team tackle projects, keep an eye on budgets, and keep in contact with your fellow team members. Teamwork is built to help businesses build to scale and continue to grow. Teamwork gives you the tools and reports to keep you informed on where resources are going and helps you stay up to date on where projects stand.

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Do you work with contractors but often find yourself at a loss for navigating through state and national laws for their payment? Stoke is the tool for you! Stoke let’s you pay your contractors while keeping you informed on their employment verification status & tax audit in order to ensure that you don’t accidentally violate any regulations. Not only does Stoke work nationally, it also will help solve any questions you may have with regards to international contractors. If you find yourself puzzled over contractor regulations then Stoke is the tool for you!

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Do you find that brainstorming over Zoom leaves everyone more confused or fatigued than before? Mural is here to help. Mural comes with brainstorming templates for you and your team to collaborate on while in a call, and helps foster creativity and pull through the best ideas. Once you are finished up with a call, you can download and share the work that you all did so that everyone can refer back to it and remember all the great ideas that were created.

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Editing videos can eat up hours of labor, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Streamyard is our go-to tool for recording and live streaming videos. In Streamyard you can use overlays that will come through into the mp4 file, allowing you to make your live stream interactive at the same time that you are cutting down on your editing time. If you need to have a quick turnaround on your videos and want a tool to bring your live streams to the next level you need Streamyard!

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Most transcription services are either too expensive or just don’t work as well as you need them to. Fathom is the solution to this problem, offering quality recording & transcription for your Zoom calls while costing you not a single penny. Fathom not only with transcribe your call but allow you to make highlights & notes while you are in the call, allowing you to easily navigate back to those moments when reviewing the recording. Fathom is an incredible tool that we can not recommend enough.

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