I was lying in my bed curled up on a cold Chicago night. Warm tears privately ran down my cheeks. Stress and anxiety bounced from my stomach to my shoulders. Self doubt danced around my mind. It was not a good night. I wasn’t experiencing a severe life event, I was about to miss hitting my quota at my sales job. I had missed once before and because I recently started I wasn’t going to get too many chances. I risked losing my job, health insurance for my family and needed income. But deeper down, what I was really feeling was the emotions of failure.

This was not a helpful place to be, but for most of us in a sales role this experience may sound familiar. Like a comic bombing on stage, the emotions can feel devastating. I woke the next morning early and went back into work and hit the phones. I didn’t hit my quota that month, but I did recognize something profound that caused a change in me. It was the realization that my options were: keep trying, be unstoppable and see what life brought or quit and never know. I kept going and became a top sales rep on my team. I also rarely missed another quota.

The mental shift I experienced those many years ago changed my life. Aside from a successful sales career, including starting a profitable business, I have found the most joy in transferring this understanding and approach to others. Helping sales professionals reach six figure incomes, mentoring young people, teaching personal growth… I am getting to live my passion.

It is for these reasons that I have made the decision to step into my new role as an executive coach and sales trainer. I was fortunate enough to be connected with Marie Hale, CEO of @revenue. Marie has developed an outstanding training process.  She’s helped me polish my sales coaching skills and understanding of professional development. I am very excited to start out on this new challenge knowing that what I’ve felt, experienced and overcome to find success I can teach.

May 3rd I’ll be giving a presentation on Goal Setting at the Revenue Boot Camp event. It’s a whole day sales training conference custom fit for SMB owners that are responsible for revenue (and their team members) who just aren’t seeing the kinds of numbers that are going to help their business really achieve the level of greatness that we know they should be at. Let my passion and the proven results of the @revenue team help you reach your goals this year. I want to see you there – here is the link to sign up!



Meeting a goal can be a very tough process. From sales goals to personal goals to business goals, real stretch goals take effort. SMART goals take work. Sometimes we surprise ourselves, sometimes we fail. But a critical factor is what we think, what we program our minds to do when we are in that stretching process. How we deal with internal doubt when the calls or emails are not returned, when we hear no, when we lose accounts or business, matters. How do we keep the vision of success front and center when the negative voices in our minds try to take over.

The good thing is that there is a science to success and it can be learned.