As one of the founding members of the executive lunch, I can say without question it has assembled some of the greatest networkers and people in Chicago. The meetings are very well organized and I thank Marie and @Revenue for having me.
Gary Breden
I have been a member of @Revenue's networking luncheon for over a year. I look forward to the lunches every month, they are awesome! I really appreciate how the lunch is run- it's very organized and purposeful, and it maximizes my time spent networking. For me, it's the right balance of business and relationship building. 5 stars all the way!
Laurie Dickinson Lee
I recently attended my second @Revenue networking lunch. It was a completely different group of professionals representing a wide array of fields and backgrounds. I don't how she does it, but Marie Hale assembles an amazing group and facilitates, with ease and grace, an incredibly effective networking lunch. I have made countless connections through these opportunities. I highly recommend them!
Lauren Sivak
I have been involved with @Revenue Networking lunch for the past 4 months and couldn't be happier with the process. It's refreshing to be part of a networking group where everyone is genuine and truly has the best interest of each other in mind. I have built many meaningful introductions in the few short months I've been there. I highly recommend Marie and her Team.
Nick Roe
So glad I signed up for @Revenue's "Revenue Rally"! I was blown away by how much I learned about sales and buyer psychology in just an hour. So many actionable takeaways from this event. Marie really walked us through the entire ideal sales call process—in exceptional detail and with an eagerness to answer any questions. What I appreciated most: you learn how not be "salesy" but rather to quickly build a deep relationship with a potential buyer and determine whether you'd be a great fit. This completely changed the way I facilitate sales calls, and I'm already seeing results!
Joey Vitale
It has always amazed me that people think that they are just supposed to 'naturally be good at sales', but I haven't found a coach who really understands that I want to sell from the heart, not the pocketbook. I attended a Revenue Rally and it was like the lights just went on! Marie and her team do a great job of helping you to quickly grasp some of the most important sales concepts and psychology and I was able to start using it right away. It completely changed the way I look at the everyday sales conversations that I have!
Gina Ussel
I have been involved in Sales Training for 4 months and it has completely changed the way I approach a new opportunity. When I started with Sales Training, my pipeline was empty. Now, my pipeline is exploding and not only that, I am appealing to the potential clients in a way that addresses their true reasons for investing in our services while identifying for us the most valuable part of what we provide for them. This allows us to execute with accuracy and solve their deepest fears and problems. I can't say enough how Marie's expertise has taken me from somebody who was struggling to get people to commit to a business who is not only getting new clients but helping them accomplish the things that are most important to them to improve their business. Thank you, Marie!
Angie Noll
Marie is very knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. I knew that I needed some assistance to help build my brand, but didn't know where to start. I now call Marie my Marketing Maven. She not only assembled a skilled team of practitioners to help in every aspect of what we needed to do but created a detailed plan of attack. Then, to make sure that I stayed in sync with the program, we had weekly updates on what was happening, and what my next step needed to be. This is just the comprehensive Marketing program that I needed to build my practice, and I am excited about this next year, and the results that I am sure will inevitably come from our work and her leadership. Thanks in advance, Marie.
Lawrence Chester
I have been working with @Revenue for a little over four months now and I can't say enough good about Marie and her team. In our short time together, we have covered, strategized and implemented a better marketing plan than I had with any other previous company in my six years of running Shop4ties. They have helped us take our company to the next level with their incredibly talented team. They get done what they say they will get done! Marie is extremely creative and helpful and has helped us understand our company vision and how to take it from point A to B! Thank you to the @Revenue team and a special shout-out to Mrs. Marie!
Becky Feinberg-Galvez
Marie is energetic and passionate about her role to help businesses streamline their processes and grow. She has researched and developed the tools needed for our organization to implement the changes necessary to be successful in the process. She cares about her clients and that shows in everything she does.
Holly Furlong
Brilliant teacher and coach whose strategies are rooted in the functionality of the brain and human behavior, not theory. Worked together on an important presentation that resulted in new business acquisition. An immediate success with return on investment and is held in the highest regard.
Ellen Freedman
In 2014 I had the pleasure of working with Jim again after I went through a formal training with him in 2007.Jim's history of successful sales, sales management, and coaching is second to none and truly changed my life in 2007. Jim worked for my company as we were growing, helping to instill a culture that would allow for a strong foundation for our growth. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want Jim on their side.
Adam Citron
Time and again, we find it so powerful to work with Marie in both roles -- when we spotlight our own company, as well as our clients. Together we have the joy of holding our mutual clients in their full abundance and prosperity as the successful, fully-operating business that they already are. The laughter, challenge, and 100% fabulousness of its all makes is a pleasure doing business with Marie!
Rose Mulroney
Jim has been a great resource for our company as well as an important part of my personal growth. He is always accessible and willing to coach and guide me through the different aspects of the sales process. We have had numerous meetings brainstorming methods and approaches that are specific to my needs and industry. Jim has a wealth of knowledge, passionate about sales, and always willing to connect me with relevant resources in his network.
Andy Eltzroth
Marie NEVER disappoints. She has spun straw into gold so many times. In our initial meetings, she did a thorough needs analysis and connected dots that I didn't know were connectable. She played the dual roles of analyst and magician. The detailed marketing and sales plan she came back with was fantastic. Beyond that, she implemented the plan. It can be frustrating to work with a consultant who gives you a plan but won't do the work. She is different. She worked the plan and tracked its success. When changes needed to be made, they were measured and strategic. It was a true collaboration that made me step up and into what I had asked for. She has worked with so many small businesses, and she brought all of that experience with her. She was masterful in her vision, implementation, and follow through. So grateful.
Suzi Shattuck