Five Ways To Build A More Trusting Team

Five Ways To Build A More Trusting Team

As leaders, we are always searching for new ways to build our teams to be more efficient, productive, and engaged in the work environment. After the ‘great resignation’ in 2021, it’s crucial that you create a culture that cultivates harmony and is in touch with the lived experiences of each team member. Most leaders will tell you that managing employees and contractors can be one of the most difficult aspects of our roles. But there are some tested reminders for leaders to consider that can make all the difference.

1. Show an interest in your employees' lives

It's more important than ever to humanize your workplace culture. Take a real interest in the lives of your employees and contractors. It will make a difference when they need something from you. You will already know the circumstances they are facing and will have a more complete picture of what you can and cannot do for them. 


Also, people like to connect with others who have something in common with them. Chances are, you have something in common with every member of your team. Find what it is, and nurture that relationship.

2. Communicate 

As a leader, you need to facilitate a culture focused on open communication. Most work environments will continue to involve some level of remote or hybrid work which makes your culture of communication even more important. Effective communication is fostered when you communicate with your team in a real, friendly manner. 

3. Lead by example

Make sure you don’t just sit in your office all day and bark orders at your staff. Get in there and do some of the work. Getting your hands dirty with the creation of client work will help you remember why you are in this business, and it will also show your team that you are part of the team, not just the boss.

4. Maintain transparency from the top down

This one can feel tougher, but it’s more important than ever. We’ve always been taught that the leader needs to be positive and only share certain information with the rest of the team. While this remains true to an extent, being more transparent actually brings your team members closer and allows them to trust you more. This trust is especially important to build in relationships that are remote or hybrid. It’s easier to feel distant (and less trusting) when you don’t work face-to-face. 


Keep your team updated on the status of the company, even when it’s difficult. Let them know some of the sacrifices you’ve made to make this work, and they will respect you and be willing to do more for you.

5. Hire the right fit.

This one may seem obvious, but consider looking for people not solely based on their credentials. Yes, your new hires will need to possess a certain skill set to do their jobs, but they also need the right mindset, attitude, and interest in working with you. We’re still feeling the ripple effects of the great resignation which means there are more candidates to select from. 


Hire people who show a genuine interest in being part of the team and who are positive about the company and your clients. Make sure you look for individuals who enjoy what they do, and who have expressed real enthusiasm for you as a leader, your company, and your clients. Taking time to hire the right fit makes a huge difference.


Following these basic ideas can create a company culture of trust and happiness, as well as a true desire to perform well for you and your clients, which not only directly impacts the level of productivity but also elevates the work product.

An earlier version of this article was previously published on Forbes in September 2018.

How We Inspire Clients To Tackle Sales In The Office And In The Field!

How We Inspire Clients to Tackle Sales in the Office and in the Field!

Sales cannot stop once the contract gets signed!

Your sales process is part of your brand, part of your culture and the lasting impression that people take from your business. At @revenue, we know that creating a powerful process that both your sales team and your internal team can follow will allow not only for more sales but greater customer service and increased value per client!


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Women in Leadership - This is our REVOLUTION

Women in Leadership - This is our REVOLUTION

Let’s just start this love fest by saying this is an….interesting time in our political and business lives. I’m not leaning left or right (heck, I’m doing my best to learn how to fly just so I can hover and not touch a toe in anything), but we can’t ignore the international uproar women’s voices are creating through two simple words…. Me Too.

As leaders, what is our responsibility here? Listen, I don’t expect we dive headlong into every issue, headline or whisper, BUT, we do have a responsibility to stand up and say, ‘Yes, this system is broken.’ And it applies to both women and men. BUT we are the generation of leaders that can fix it. We are the women that can lead from a place of pain and secrets to a structure of honesty, safety, and education. We can prevent future incidents from continuing to be commonplace. And you don’t have to be in Hollywood to do it.

Allow me to use the example of a nonprofit I work with. They found out one of their mid-level instructors had allegations leveled against him for past incidents at a different job. They reacted boldly and simply, even though through their name got pulled into the mix.

  1. They made no excuses. It didn’t matter that they didn’t know. They wholeheartedly lived their values and making excuses or second-guessing anything had no room there. They addressed the situation publicly and immediately.

  2. They placed no blame. This is a tough one. We all want to point the finger when a woman says that she has been victimized and attack the accused. NOT YOUR PLACE. We can offer loving support, resources and mentoring, but it is not our place to be the judge and jury. We need to take the person at their perception and help them process instead of tearing away at an event that we were not present for.

  3. They created a safe place. At every level of their organization, they created a safe person, an anonymous email address.They made it available and accessible for every part of the org and ensured anonymity and protection with a  no retribution ever policy.

This will not be a quick fix. As women, we have an additional responsibility to lend a hand, because there are too many of us that say, ‘Me Too’.  You may have become an accidental leader, or you may have planned for your leadership for your entire life, but if you are a leader you bear the responsibility of facilitating change and protecting those in your posse. The best thing is this isn’t a political issue! It isn’t a grey issue. It’s an opportunity to keep others safe and that is a value we should all share.

Marie Hale is the owner and co-founder of @revenue, a sales and marketing collaborative dedicated to changing the world, one business owner at a time. Marie was also very proud to have been honored with the Midwest Women in Tech Leadership Award in the area of Marketing & Media 2017.