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After a unique career that spanned Technical Project Director and Senior VP of Ops, she found her passion and success at her private Social Media education firm, that she founded in 2009. Sue guides companies of all sizes through the complexities of social media marketing and aids them in developing the strategies needed to thrive in an intensely competitive business environment. It’s truly where her heart lies… and it shows.

One of the most sought out leaders and speakers in her industry, Sue has traveled the country sharing her talents with companies such as Oracle, Accenture, and The American Marketing Association. Her unique ability to make social media easy to understand allows her to connect and engage at all levels of an organization and across generations. One client at a time, Sue stops random acts of social media by providing strategic, practical and compelling solutions.

With her years of experience, Sue can artfully manage keynotes for an executive group of a thousand and shift gears and guide breakout groups of multiple age and skill levels. You want Sue on your stage.

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Personal Brand, Perseverance, and a Positive Outlook:
A view of the social landscape through the eyes of a startup survivor
It used to be such an exciting leap. Leave behind the corporate race and invest your talents in something brand new, ready for an epic rise and…rife with risk. Sue Koch, a nationally renowned social media educator, has weathered the storms of tech start-ups, new markets, new mediums and a constantly evolving form of communication.

Sue’s inspiring story of perseverance and unsinkable positivity in the face of adversity has engaged audiences across the country and given them the tools that they need to stay future-focused,  hone the skills that make them unique and view challenges through the eyes of possibility instead of roadblocks.

What they will take away from this powerful keynote:

  • The value of attitude as a filter for life
  • How to connect with what makes you shine and share that with others
  • How a personal brand can be the catalyst to growth

Sue was a huge hit at our meeting with over 500 attendees at Austin City Limits. Her Social Media and Personal Branding presentation was extremely relevant and key to developing ourselves, our teams, and ultimately our organization. Everyone thought she did a phenomenal job and found her segment insightful and incredibly engaging.

~ Helen Haman, Accenture Senior Manager

Topics & Workshops

  • Personal Brand and Social Media:  From initial perception to lasting impression. You have a personal brand; own it, demonstrate it & protect it.
  • Attention Management for Successful Social:  We know, we know…you don’t have TIME for social media! Overwhelm leads to inaction. Defeat ‘social media attention suck’, shift habits & make time management WORK for you.
  • Got Content? Multiply it! Crafting a Content Strategy with the Hub & Spoke Model.
  • The Power of Facebook Advertising: Stop playing 52 pick-up with your ad dollars! Target, optimize and excel on a budget.
  • Brand Advocacy: Achieve 8 Times your Corporate Social Media Reach Per Employee.  Build an Army of Brand Advocates from the Inside!

Custom Seminars and Events

For Starters:

  • Mastering the basics: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube.

The Main Dish:

  • Advance your social savvy with in-depth topics such as…
  • Understanding Algorithms, Best Practices for Reach & Engagement, Facebook Ads
  • Community Management & Customer Service, Visual Media Impact & Tools
  • Competitive Research, Content Strategy, Proactive vs Reactive Communication

Sweet Success:

  • Mastery lies in the Measurement: Advance successes and stop wasting your valuable time & money. Use channel analytics to inform & improve future strategies.
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