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With more than 20 years of success in climbing corporate ladders and creating grand success at the enterprise level, Trisha took the leap and did something bold. She took a step forward into her own genius and began creating that success for companies that are ready for epic growth.

Trisha inspires C-suite executives, managing partners, and their leadership teams in the middle market to strategize the best paths to accelerated growth in a complicated, ever-changing economy. Her keynotes and workshops empower teams to be their own agents of change, champion the strategies that will impact growth and engage diversity at every level.

This is not the typical speech about shattering glass ceilings. Trisha's powerful personal and professional story brings an authenticity that truly engages audiences. 

From her keynote to her break-outs, Trisha moves people to action! If your conference or event needs to create instant impact and lasting change you need Trisha on your stage. 

Trisha is available for travel in the US and abroad. 

Trisha works with audiences from 6-6,000 and can custom craft a speech for your stage to create maximum impact. Call today for more information.

Trisha is available for international travel.

Topics can always be customized to fit your audience but these are a few that have already caused changes worth talking about.

Why Diversity Matters and Why You Aren’t There Yet: Most larger companies have adopted some form of a diversity initiative to their cultures for recruiting. But what then? And why? Well, it’s complicated. We explore the 'why' of diversity initiatives, what’s missing, and what can be done. People need custom tools to flourish in your organization and most are not getting what they truly need even with the best of intentions. Diversity is a strategic and competitive advantage. Make it so for your firm.   


The Magic of Market Share in the Professional Services World: Most firms don’t function as strategically every day as they should. The work gets done but what does that really mean for your top line? Applying strategy to every hour spent, to every move made, will transform your revenue and keep you in control. You and your people work hard. But without a strategy, a firm is not propelled into consistent double-digit growth percentages. This session will outline the framework for creating and implementing the strategies that will allow you to transcend industry averages and grow meaningfully.   


Service Provider or Entrepreneur: Where you got lost and how to fix it: We all work hard. But do we achieve the results we really want? Are we thinking and doing according to a plan that produces predictable results? 
Are we playing to a happy end game? Most service providers got into business because they wanted the freedom of pursuing their own dreams on their own path, and they’ve got something powerful and valuable to offer. But so many of us get lost in the “do” of our business that we lose sight of the reasons we chose this path and where we are really going. This session focuses on the actions that will REALLY fuel your growth and achieve your goals.  


How to Align Your Team to Your Brand & Grow Your Firm’s Top Line: Most firms have a few great rainmakers. But those rainmakers may not be around forever, nor can a firm really show double-digit growth year after year with only a few people making the difference. Your firm’s brand is tied to every single person on your team.  

What does it look like? How is it performing? When they go out into the world on your firm’s behalf, what big game (ROI) are they bringing home? This talk is focused on how you set a team on fire with a winning brand that will deliver.   


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