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Rod Holmes’ eyes grew wide and his mind raced when a friend in Tokyo first showed him the web in 1996. He has been tinkering with and leveraging its power ever since. After seeing his first website, he knew he had to be able to make them himself. His first effort was a collection of all the wild stuff he encountered in daily life in Tokyo. Next came websites for his business, his friend’s business, and dozens of others. Soon he figured out he could move the training classes he was teaching in Tokyo onto the web. The Hitachi Corporation loved his courses and partnered with him to make a worldwide learning management system. 

Years later, upon returning to the States, Rod’s pulse quickened and his imagination raced again when he learned about a new way of leveraging the web: digital marketing. It was the perfect blend of technology and marketing—he’d found the next arena to master.

As a founding partner of Chicago Style SEO, Rod has created a company and a group of amazing people who channel the power of digital marketing into growing businesses of all sizes. His love of teaching, and desire to empower others means he is a frequent speaker on all things digital marketing.

Speaker Topics:

Taking Care of Your Doctors...Online

Referrals from happy patients are the lifeblood of doctors and healthcare organizations. That means hospitals have to put a top priority on protecting their providers' online real estate--they have to be dominant at the top screen real estate of any search result page when prospective patients are searching for a doctor's name. 

That is the first step in taking care of doctors online. Rod will share his hard-earned experience of supporting doctors and hospitals online; the tools and the tips that bring the appointments in.

The Extreme Importance of Content

Lawyers, Physicians, Accountants and firms of all kinds face the same challenge when it comes to SEO.

As Google shifts through its algorithm changes, the fight to make content the champion it needs to be for your SEO is at the forefront of the battle. 

From the value of the map to the almighty review, Rod will share an insider's view on what your audience wants to know about this ever-changing landscape.

How You can Maximize Your ROI using 10% of Your Ad Budget

Can online search ads impact offline sales? Digital marketing has more impact on your brick and mortar store than you think! Learn how to increase your brand awareness using a few easy-to-follow online marketing strategies, gaining audience interest while educating them on the benefits of your products.

In this info-packed session, you’ll engage with expert in the field, Rod Holmes. In this session, you’ll enhance your business’ impact through Digital Marketing, and learn to entice new audiences with clever branding techniques. You’ll leave with a toolbox of new easy-to-use marketing techniques.

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