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For more than 15 years Marie revolutionized small-midsized business marketing and sales in the Chicagoland area and internationally with her sales and marketing agency and speeches. As an award-winning speaker, Marie share's her story of resilience in the face of devastation and uses it to connect audiences to their WHY, their inner purpose, and threads that through a variety of sales, marketing, and keynote speeches that are custom crafted to align with the purpose and desired outcomes of every event. 

A powerful voice for women in business, soloprenuers and business owners, Marie delivers content that moves past the theoretical and into powerful tools and techniques that audience members can put to work immediately. Her unique blend of humor, authenticity and straight to the point presentations work well in conferences, gala and fundraising, and corporate training events.

Her stage presence is filled with joy, connection to the audience, and how-tos that can be used immediately!



After years of working hard to build her business, Marie achieved what she never thought she would. In 2016 Marie opened a sales and marketing firm with her mentor, and life partner, Jim. This had been her dream since the first time she met him. In short order, their business boomed. And in 7 months...he passed away.

Marie's powerful story of resilience, how to do business from a place of love and inspirational comeback will engage, move and motivate every level of audience. She proudly refers to her keynote as, "Red Lipstick and Resilience".

Sample Topics:


And trust me, you aren’t the first person to say ‘But I don’t want to feel like a salesperson!’  Marie Hale will share with you her business changing, soft and nurturing, permission-based sales strategies that are designed to get you evangelists, not just clients!


Unfortunately, none of these things are a really successful identifier of what will get the kinds of results you want in a budget that works for your business. 

At this powerful session you will learn:

  • How to identify where your audience is
  • What marketing efforts depend on each other for true success
  • How to align a marketing budget 
  • What metrics to look at for KPIs


Are you tired of networking just for networking sake? Is coffee after coffee with little to no results your typical follow up experience? It’s time you had the tools you need to spike your networking ROI and start bringing in effective leads!
In this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • To build and deliver a results-driven infomercial
  • How to create a marketing dashboard to get the most out of every marketing effort
  • The top 3 things you must ask before making ANY marketing investment
  • The power of effective tracking


Most people have a gut reaction when it comes to the idea of a 'salesperson'. Slimy, pushy, and aggressive are some of the first things that come to mind. If you are trying to be the salesperson you face a different set of emotional experiences like fear, rejection, and judgment can often rear their ugly heads. 

Marie Hale, owner of @revenue and life long sales pro, shares a unique view of doing business through a filter of 'professional love'. Understanding what your clients and potential clients truly need from you and how you can empower yourself and your team with a permission-based sales process that is nurturing instead of pushy will open the audience to a completely new understanding of sales.

What they will learn:

  • How to do business from a place of love
  • What leads really need 
  • Why you should be choosing your clients, not the other way around
  • How to get more high-quality clients


  •  Marie’s Topics:

    • Building a Brand That Speaks

    • How to Fall in Love with Sales
    • Networking In Heels – Breaking the boy’s club

    • The Psychology of Brand

    • Time Management for Mere Mortals

    • Powerful Public Speaking Strategies

    • Automate, Delegate, Duplicate – Strategies for making more time

    • Strategic Networking

    • The Power of Personal Brand

    • The Psychology of Selling

    • Taking The Chill Out of Cold Calling

    • The Art of Networking

    • Understanding the Human Decision Model – Why people buy…or not

    • The Art of The Sales Process – Steps to follow to find success

    • Lead Your Team From The Front – Don’t drive from behind

    • Overcoming The Leadership Gap – What to do when the void can’t be ignored

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