Larry Chester Financial Vision for SMBs

After completing his MBA, Larry started working in marketing in the cable television industry, moving to operations and management roles with small, privately held businesses. Following that, he served as CFO for companies including Republic Windows and Doors, High Sierra Sport Co., and  United Service Companies, helping them eliminate losses and improving financial operations and reporting. Realizing that he enjoyed the challenges of helping companies that were working their way through a crisis, he joined a bankruptcy trustee for several years, analyzing the financial condition of client companies,  and managing them through those difficult times. 

Soon after that, he struck out on his own, forming CFO Simplified, LLC. Since forming CFO Simplified, Larry and his talented team have been involved in Business Turnaround, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Financial and Operations  Management for his clients.


Speaking Topics:

Financial Visibility: Making the Numbers Work for YOU!

If you are like most business owners, you read financial statements, but a true understanding of your margins, profits, and ability to quote effectively escapes your grasp. What if you were able to use those numbers to identify what is happening operationally, what causes the flux and make a change today that will have a true impact on your business' future?

Prepare for, Larry Chester, owner of CFO Simplified and seasoned financial expert, to show you how to slice and dice your numbers to get to the pain, the truth and the financial fix that your business needs! 


The Cash Flow Conundrum: Stressing Out the Small Business Owner Since the Beginning of Time

Larry Chester, owner of CFO Simplified and experienced financial warrior, wants to share with you a plan for how you are going to GET and USE the cash to keep your doors open! Join us for this info-packed session where you will learn:

  • Where to identify and access cash flow for your business
  • How to spot trouble before you are knee deep
  • What pitfalls to avoid when growing your company


Hey Financially Good Lookin’! How to make your business attractive to a bank

There is only one thing a bank hates more than bad news. Surprises.

Growing businesses need the support of a good bank and a great banking relationship, but how do you catch the eye of those that hold the cash? Join us for this information-packed seminar and you will learn:

  • How to craft a proposal that shows off your assets and tones down your flaws
  • How to position a challenge that’s facing your business
  • What is most important to your lender and why


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