John Broons Family Business Expert

Award-winning businessman, successful family business survivor, and impassioned educator John Broons is one of Australia's most cherished speakers and mentors.

Over the past 15 years, John has worked with 100s of business owners on a multitude of family business issues.
His unique and accessible approach to strategy and planning gives audiences tools that they can employ immediately and the questions they need to ask to help them avoid the pitfalls that face every family business.  

“Brilliant but simple presentation on the benefits of forward planning to avoid disaster. Essential for people in business to begin the conversations with family and business partners.”
– Antony Vidray, Partner, Anderson Vidray.


Speaker Topics:

The Terrifying Decision that Saved a Family

With his father at the helm, John Broons' family business had thrived, provided stability and family wealth, and brought them together to create something special. But, as often happens, after he passed their joyful family dinners turned into dreaded obligations. Recession hits, cash tightens and stress replaces the comforts of day to day business. Family meals changed to heated discussions when the topic turned to business, which resulted in arguments instead of a loving family connection.

John's powerful story of changing the path of his families business and creating a fair and focused solution inspires audiences across every industry and level of success.


Navigating the Maze
Effective Planning Strategies for the Transition of Wealth

Communication, values, authority, and ownership are the keys to creating an effective plan for any transition, but when it comes to family wealth these topics are much more than just data points on a plan. These are the emotions and legacy of your family that you are dealing with.
What you will take away from this powerful session:

  • How to identify past, present and future patterns of communication
  • Core theories of effective succession planning for families
  • How to create a story of success when everyone is on a different page

Passion, Purpose & Perpetuity
Family Business Strategies for Lasting Harmony

Every family business is going to have its challenges. From conflicting opinions to all-out conflict, there are a million little things that can derail a successful business and end a dream that was built to care for generations to come.

John Broons, a family business survivor and success story, understands what it takes to anticipate the pitfalls and create impactful strategies to keep the dream moving forward.

What you will learn:

  • How to align your purpose and values 
  • How to create a culture that spans more than just the family
  • How to solidify governance, risk and succession planning

If You Were Hit by a Bus...

This popular workshop is a risk management assessment of your readiness to act. Guided by case studies, you’ll learn how to plan for crises ‘that are never going to happen to you’.

You will gain a greater understanding of:

  • Personal and business issues
  • What you need to think about and discuss with loved ones (and why)
  • Who you need to talk to (and why)

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