Speaker Training/Strategy


The more often you have a microphone in your hand, the easier it is to establish your expertise. Crafting an effective message is neccessary, but having a marketing and sales strategy built around your speaking is a game changer.

​@revenue works with across a variety of industries to create powerful speaking strategies that put our clients on the right stages and infront of the right people. Pre-event marketing, onsite strategies and post-event nuturing can turn a great event into a long term, business building success!

​Services we offer:

  • Speaker Kit Creation

  • Speaker Placement

  • Contract Negotitation

  • Content and Presentation Creation

  • Drip Marketing Campaigns

  • Sales scripting (on and off stage)

  • Speaker Training

  • Image Consultation/Personal Branding

  • Social Media Strategy

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Get your message on the right stage today! @revenue gives you the tools to turn your love of speaking into a business building tool with long-term traction.