May 3  – Doors open at 7:45a

Full Day Conference and Virtual Conference

We’ve all seen it. The expert that could make life better for so many, if only they could figure out how to get in front of the right people.The entrepreneurial fire giving away after a couple of years in business because you never seem to close the right kind of clients. The sales person that has been doing it forever, and can’t quite figure out what has changed.

@revenue knows that the shift needed to transform the small to mid-sized business world is more than just another great ad campaign. We change the salesperson so that they can change their future.

With more than 20 years of owning and revolutionizing small businesses, @revenue knows what it is to grow sales when you are the lone person selling and delivering services and how to train sales teams to navigate an ever-changing sales landscape. From prospecting to closing, we have created a boot camp that will help you get leads in the door, and convert the right clients for your business.

This full-day live & virtual conference will transform how you see sales and give you tools and techniques that you can apply immediately to your processes for results. It’s easy to say ‘if only I had more marketing, or only if I could get in front of more qualified prospects I could make this happen!’, but the truth is that all of your sales and lead-generation efforts need to work together to create lasting impact. If you don’t have an impactful revenue generation plan in place you can be sure that the pipeline will run dry. The question is, will you do what’s needed to ensure the future of your revenue?

Your sales process is the first ambassador of your brand. It tells your potential client everything you need to know about working with your company. Crafting a process that feels good for you and communicates your brand is one of the most critical components of growing your business.

Register today to take control of your sales, your income and your future in business!

What’s included:

  • Headshot (valued at $399)
  • DiSC Assessment (valued at $150)
  • A year of additional DiSC education (valued at $250)
  • Up to 7 hours of coaching and material (valued at $1400)
  • Goal setting worksheets
  • High-value connections and networking

What will the day flow be?

  • DiSC: Decoding Behavior with Marie Hale
  • Sales: Powerful Sales Processes for Today’s World with Marie Hale 
  • Networking 101, The Right Place with the Right Process  with Megan Robinson
  • Networking 201, Quality Connectors Create Higher ROI with Marie Hale
  • Strategic Partnerships that Fill Pipelines with Quality with Megan Robinson
  • Prospecting: Opening Doors, Finding Decision Makers with LinkedIn with Sue Koch
  • Goal Setting: From Data Points to A Plan for Success with Kevin Drolet
  •  Cocktail Hour, Headshots, and Networking and 1 on 1s with Experts
    • *Headshots only available for live attendees
    • **Lunch will be delivered to you if you are attending virtually and networking will happen online in virtual networking rooms

Call today to register  312-720-1399 or

Marie Hale, Co-Founder & CEO

For more than 10 years Marie revolutionized small business marketing and sales in the Chicagoland area with her private consulting practice, Lipstic Logic. Marie has taken those successful years of experience and now provides our clients with effective, innovative sales and marketing strategies that allow them to grow their business, empower their sales knowledge and utilize systems which allow them to automate or delegate accordingly so they can focus on their clients and what they do best. She is also proud to say that she graduated from Jim Rosas’ Sales Results, Inc. program with a Black Belt in Sales.

Megan Robinson, Vice President of Marketing

Megan Robinson is an analytically driven strategic marketer with a natural ability to blend data-driven insights into creative executions. Her unique blend of experience at advertising agencies, corporate marketing, and entrepreneurial endeavors gives her the breadth of experience in building thoughtful, strategic, and relevant advertising campaigns.

As a graduate of @revenue’s sales training, Megan is a polished and powerful networker, generating more than half a million dollars of revenue in 2018.

Kevin Drolet, Sales Trainer/Coach, Digital Media Strategist

Kevin is a seasoned digital media strategist with over 15 years experience. Kevin’s drive is to provide transparency in digital marketing to clients through analytics. He has trained sales groups large and small, spoken on digital marketing fundamentals and written about pitfalls and best practices. Kevin deeply understands the value of post-click conversions and how the digital pieces fit together. He has developed digital strategies for major universities to local home improvement companies to e-commerce brands. In addition, Kevin has also taken his own business from a $10,000 loan to a million dollar company in under 2 years.

Sue Koch, Social Media Catalyst

Sue is one of the most sought out leaders in her industry and has traveled the country sharing her in-depth knowledge with companies such as Oracle, Accenture, National Association of Realtors and The American Marketing Association. Whether by stage or one client at a time, Sue stops random acts of social media by providing strategic, practical and compelling solutions backed by measurable results.