SME is a Subject Matter Expert. Lucky for you, there are no general marketers at @revenue. Only those that have cultivated a specialized skill set, are thought leaders and experts in their areas of focus. 

Our sophisticated team takes a strategic look at your business and crafts a strategy for where you are now, and what will help you elevate and grow. You are a master at what you do, @revenue will partner with you to get you back to doing what you do best while your sales and marketing machine keeps moving you forward.

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For more than 10 years Marie revolutionized small business marketing and sales in the Chicagoland area with her private consulting practice, Lipstic Logic. Marie has taken those successful years of experience and now provides our clients with effective, innovative sales and marketing strategies that allow them to grow their business, empower their sales knowledge and utilize systems which allow them to automate or delegate accordingly so they can focus on their clients and what they do best. She is also proud to say that she graduated from Jim Rosas’ Sales Results, Inc. program with a Black Belt in Sales.

Marie was honored to accept the Midwest Women in Tech Leadership Award as well as the Expertise Award for Business Consulting in Chicago in 2019 & 2020.

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Andrea is a natural leader with a passion for strategic planning, business operations and marketing. Her education in communication across various media serves as the backbone of her understanding of how visual and verbal messages reach people, and why they are effective. No stranger to hard work, Andrea has held various high level positions, some simultaneously, in the fields of marketing, publishing, business planning and investment banking.

Andrea holds a BA in English and Journalism with a concentration on messages in media from Muskingum University and a MA in Literature with a concentration of understanding images in global media from Northwestern University. Active in her community, she serves on the Promotions Crew, and Marketing & Communications committees for the Rogers Park Business Alliance and is a board member of the Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society. When she’s not conquering big ideas she can be found snuggling with her Great Dane, a cup of coffee and a good book.

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Sue is one of the most sought out leaders in her industry and has traveled the country sharing her in-depth knowledge with companies such as Oracle, Accenture, and The American Marketing Association. Her unique ability to make social media easy to understand allows her to connect and engage at all levels of an organization and across generations. Whether by stage or one client at a time, Sue stops random acts of social media by providing strategic, practical and compelling solutions backed by measurable results.

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Since the early days of the Internet, Harry has created and implemented effective digital marketing strategy for some of the world’s most storied brands.  These include Wendy’s, Lean Cuisine, the Illinois Lottery, the NHL and many others. Together, Harry helps clients gain targeted awareness, conversion, loyalty, evangelism, and REVENUE!

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An immensley creative and strategic thinker, Rotimi brings more than 10 years of brilliance, branding and simplicity to a noisy marketing world. His thoughtful and innovate designs bring brands to life and embolden messages across a variety of industries, nonprofits and events.

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Kelsey Hoff is a freelance writer and poet with a focus on journalism and copywriting that serves Chicago’s creative small businesses. She is passionate about working with artists and makerpreneurs who use their businesses to make positive change in their communities and capturing nuances that make those unique brands stand out. She covers local authors, book events and poetry for the Windy City Times and has a poetry manuscript in the works. Her poems have been published in Columbia Poetry Review, Redheaded Stepchild, and poets.org. She received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago.

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Josh is an operational and strategic leader with deep experience and expertise with international, multilingual, and multicultural organizations and teams. As a former COO of a growing small business in Beijing, China, he loves solving complex issues with efficient teams. Josh brings front line experience aligning executive teams using clear, measurable business strategy & brand positioning, built on the foundation of operational excellence. A student of Verne Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits & Brad Smart’s TopGrading, Josh focuses on getting the right people in the right seats, aligned behind clear strategy, empowered to execute their tasks efficiently to improve your bottom line, cutting costs while building @Revenue.

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Johannes is a risk management subject matter expert and technical professional with over 18 years in a product and advisory services capacity, and has implemented over 30 risk management software and consulting projects worldwide. Johannes offers insights and research to risk management software vendors, and has lead vendors to leading positions in GRC analyst reports, is a PECB certified ISO 31000 risk management trainer and holds risk based decision making, sustainability, governance, risk and compliance, as well as software engineering certifications. Johannes’ education includes a Master of Science in Threat and Response Management candidate at University of Chicago and Bachelor in Risk Management from DePaul University.

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Danny specializes in focusing brand voice and implementing strategies to maximize genuine engagement. He worked as a strategist for Marie with Lipstic Logic and is excited to join the @revenue team. On his own, Danny has developed strategies and engagement campaigns for brands such as Catalyst Ranch, Chicago Children’s Theatre, BGB Studios, Silk Road Rising, and Broadway in Chicago. He’s hosted numerous panels for Social Media Week Chicago, hosted for TEDxChicago, and speaks on panels for diversity and inclusion in multiple industries. As a content creator, he has contributed to numerous brand blogs and was a featured columnist for the GoPride network. Danny resides in Echo Park with his rescue dog Padfoot.

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Michelle is a natural helper with a calming aura and the ability to problem-solve on the fly. She has a background in stage management, having worked with theatres across the country. She’s no stranger to high levels of organization and attention to detail. Great at planning and thinking ahead, she lives best in a supporting role. In her free time she enjoys gardening, gaming, and being with her loved ones.

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Carolina brings her creativity to life through mesmerizing graphic pieces. Her flexible style changes in order to suit the strategy required by each platform and every client. She is from Salvador, the city with the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. As part of @revenue team, Carolina designs graphics that pack a punch.

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Beloved Father, Coach, Friend, and Partner.

Co-Founder, @revenue

Jim lived his passion by empowering small businesses to create more profit and giving them and their families a brighter future. Drawing from his depth of knowledge, his organization, @revenue, experienced astounding growth in the 9 months that he was at the helm before his passing. As it reorganizes, the kindness of those that were impacted by Jim has helped to keep it thriving and growing in homage to his signature energy and zest for life.

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Beloved Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Friend.

Office Maven, @revenue

Laura’s driving passion was to love the people around her. There are a million stories about her that would have tears rolling down your cheeks and bursting into laughter. People that have met her once and those were blessed to spend time with her and they all said the same basic thing. That they felt loved by her. That they were lifted up by her. That she will not be forgotten.