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A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School, Michelle practiced for two large law firms in New York and Chicago. She then transitioned into the legal education field where she trained thousands of attorneys – in-person and online – about implicit bias, diversity and inclusion, and millennials in the workplace. She has written numerous articles on those topics, including a well-received op-ed for the Chicago Tribune on implicit bias. She is a TEDx speaker and the author of the forthcoming book, Your Organization is Not a Melting Pot: How to Recruit, Train and Lead a Diverse Workforce.

Michelle previously worked as an arts and entertainment journalist in Trinidad and Tobago, a legal researcher in Puno, Peru, and Geneva, Switzerland, and a volunteer teacher in Gaborone, Botswana and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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Get Off The Ground Floor.

Why Corporate America is Stuck on Diversity (And How We Can Finally Move Up)

Shifting Demographics Of The Workforce Require Inclusive Leaders Equipped With The Skills To Lead A Rapidly Transforming Workplace.

We partner with forward-thinking organizations to design authentic spaces built for success. We offer short and long-term consulting arrangements, customized e-learning modules, and dynamic in-person speeches and workshops. We focus on improving recruiting, retention, and promotion of diverse professionals; recognizing and interrupting bias; building culturally competent workforces, and enhancing authenticity and belonging. Our goal is to empower leaders, at every level, to promote inclusion in their organizations.

We Are Inclusion Nation.

Everyone Gets A Seat At Our Table.

They Still Call Me The Nanny.

How to Recognize, Interrupt, and End Implicit Bias

This Is The End Game.

How to Sponsor Women Professionals for Success

Get Out Of Your Silo.

How to Respectfully Discuss Race, Gender, and Politics in a Fragmented World

Welcome To My Generation.

How to Overcome Generational Differences at Work

Millennials In Color.

How to Recruit, Train and Lead America’s Most Diverse Generation

Removing The Mask.

How to Make Authenticity Matter in Your Workplace

Now You See Us.

How to Build a Culturally Competent Organization

You Belong Here.

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace

Stand Up! Speak Out!

How to End Harassment and Promote Equality

At the start of 2019 our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) team laid out a calendar with major events/celebrations we wanted to host, in hopes of building a more inclusive and engaging office culture. We had never celebrated Black history month before and we were looking for someone approachable, engaging and confident in hosting crucial conversations.

When Michelle started speaking at our event the audience was instantly captivated – you could tell the gears were turning. The discussion centered on implicit biases. We were able to socialize this critical messaging with 30+ attendees. Conversations on our biases are not something we focus on daily, nor is it something we discuss often in the company. Michelle’s workshop was a strong introduction into the topic, in a short amount of time, which lit a spark in our employee’s eyes. Many left the session with a newfound knowledge they will continue to spread in their daily lives.

I would recommend Michelle for any organization looking to engage in critical thinking and in recognizing their own implicit biases.

With much appreciation.

~ Jesse Gutierrez, Schneider Electric.

Michelle – Thank you taking time to share your wisdom and perspective with us on Tuesday. It was a powerful message and spark for the honest dialogue needed.

The feedback on your presentation has been incredibly positive, especially the thoughtful and compelling way in which you presented the information and brought people along throughout. Definitely an eye-opening and inspiring experience for all. We have work to do as a firm and excited to have this event and your participation be key part of driving progress and change.

~ Nicholas Quill, HBR Consulting.

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Past Experiences

  • PFIZER. Where Women Stand (gender bias)
  • DIVERSITY LAB. Get Off the Ground Floor (why we are stuck on D&I)
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. They Still Call Me the Nanny (implicit bias)
  • LOCKHEED MARTIN. This is the End Game (sponsoring women and/or minorities)
  • CHICAGO EQUAL PAY DAY RALLY. Twice as Hard, 80 Cent as Far (pay equity and bias)
  • EXPERIAN HEALTH. They Still Call Me the Nanny (implicit bias)