Your business will not benefit from random acts of marketing!

It is critical for organizations big and small to create systems that will support marketing, maximize ROI and provide effective analytics that will empower good decision making. But…where do you start and when do you find the time?

@revenue provides powerful marketing strategies and many things that other marketing firms don’t offer:

  • Full-scale implementation, not just grand ideas
  • Partnership with sales experts to form all strategy, copy, scripts, etc. so that marketing is crafted with the sales team in mind.
  • Continued SEO and social media management
  • Leadership training & training manual/video creation

Building a brand on emotions creates a connection with your market that goes way beyond words. We will tell you in a way that consciously and subconsciously, connects with your consumer.

Is your organization planning a website, campaign, rebrand, conference, trade show, or business event? Our team has a strong foundation in short-term and long-term planning. We work with you to create that solid plan and maintain market and business momentum.

Using the expertise of our sales coaches we engineer every touch to answer your market’s questions, create the conversations & open the doors that will build your business. Website, SEO, Drip Marketing, Pay Per Click campaigns & all other facets of your system must work in concert.

Tradeshows, Events, Advertisements, Pay Per Click Ads, Call Campaigns and Public Speaking can open doors and bring highly qualified buyers into the pipeline while branding your business, positioning it for future success. It is critical to not only have the proper placement but to have the materials and strategies necessary to create meaningful leads for the sales team.

Getting your name to proceed you is no happy mistake. Effective personal branding can not only empower your sales cycle but will shine a spotlight on your business that can draw new clients to you so that you aren’t chasing them down. You never see Beyonce on the street trying to sell CD’s, right? She perfected her brand and lets people come to her.

Be more like Beyonce.

Here’s the thing. If you are going to do social media…you need to do it well! Getting traction from social media is not a guarantee without strategy, consistency, and authenticity! We can not only help you put your strategy together but manage it and make it awesome!