Keynotes & Off-site Training


Finding talented experts that can deliver high-quality education and entertainment from the stage is no small feat. But you can relax, your next event is taken care of.

@revenue has spoken on some of the biggest stages in the country and internationally. Using humor, timely topics, and engaging training techniques, Marie Hale is the perfect fit for your next group education event.


  Marie’s Topics:

  • Building a Brand That Speaks

  • Networking In Heels – Breaking the boy’s club

  • The Psychology of Brand

  • Time Management for Mere Mortals

  • Powerful Public Speaking Strategies

  • Automate, Delegate, Duplicate – Strategies for making more time

  • Strategic Networking

  • The Power of Personal Brand

  • The Psychology of Selling

  • Taking The Chill Out of Cold Calling

  • The Art of Networking

  • Understanding the Human Decision Model – Why people buy…or not

  • The Art of The Sales Process – Steps to follow to find success

  • Lead Your Team From The Front – Don’t drive from behind

  • Overcoming The Leadership Gap – What to do when the void can’t be ignored

Prepare To Be Delighted

On-site, Off-site, Conference or Special Event…we have you covered! We also provide custom crafted messaging to help you drive your audience to excitement and action.

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