Google’s Mobile First Index Coming Soon

Google has just released a bit more information about, Mobile First, its upcoming change to how it indexes site content.

Currently, Google analyzes the desktop version of a website and then ranks the mobile version of the site based on what it learns from the desktop version. The opposite of this will happen when Mobile First takes effect.  Google will analyze, index and rank the site based on what it learns from the mobile site.

Google has been constantly reminding us that each day more and more site visits come through mobile devices. Today many mobile sites are just “lite” versions of the desktop site and do not provide the best user experience.  Mobile First is Google’s way of making sure that content on a mobile site is as robust, relevant and authoritative as a desktop version. When mobile rankings are tied to content on mobile sites Google can more easily serve up the best results in its search engine results.

In addition to site content, Google will also review a site’s load speed, user experience (UX), architecture, internal linking, and site data structure to determine page rankings. This in-depth review by Google makes it critical that your site is the best it can be from a technology, content quality and user experience point of view.

Google has hinted that Mobile First will be rolled out sometime in the second half of 2017.  In keeping with Google’s modus operandi, we expect Google to make the change first and then update us rather than giving us a go live date in advance.

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