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If you have ever read up on inbound marketing, chances are you have heard the same 5 or 6 statistics regurgitated in pretty consistent fashion.

  • Blogging: B2B companies get 67% more leads on months that they blog.
  • Social Media: 23% of all time online is spent on social media, and those numbers escalate as the age of the consumer gets lower.
  • Blogging is the back bone of SEO and will give you 434% more indexed pages and 65% more links to raise your ranking.
  • First Page = Winner. Those that are searching never go past the first page of results.
  • Paid Ads are on the decline. People are skipping the ads and going to the more authentic results.
  • It costs almost 60% less to get inbound leads than outbound leads.
  • 10-second showdown. You have 10 seconds to get someone to connect with your marketing message before they bounce out of your site.
  • Webinars are still big. According to Marketing Profs 61% of B2B marketers rate webinars as one of their top 3 lead sources

@revenue creates savvy and easy to understand strategies that propel SMB’s to tangible marketing ROI. Our process starts with a stand-alone marketing strategy that puts the power in your hands. You can decide to implement the strategy on your own or partner with @revenue for a full suite of execution.

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