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Stop relying on “Random Acts of Sales & Marketing”!

0 Comments6 Minutes

Three weeks ago, Marie and I each had two prospect meetings. As we debriefed, it was as if we had the same meeting but…

Is Business Networking Obsolete? Not If You Follow These 5 Commandments

0 Comments1 Minutes

Blair Nicole (Business 2 Community) featured our co-founder Jim Rosas in her article on effective networking. “Do you…

Have They Told You Lately That They Love You?

0 Comments8 Minutes

About a decade ago a client of mine used the phrase “professional love” to describe how they felt about the work we…

Let’s talk about Six

0 Comments8 Minutes

After years of working with SMB business owners/leaders and their salespeople, I have realized that there are at least…

Top Tips For Entrepreneurial Growth

0 Comments5 Minutes

@revenue works with so many talented business owners, and they bring so much wisdom to our lives. Here are their top…

Choose Your Attitude

0 Comments5 Minutes

Have you ever read Attitude is Everything? It serves as a constant reminder to me that I get to choose who I am and…

The 5 MUSTS to Consider for your new CRM

0 Comments4 Minutes

The 5 MUSTS to Consider for your new CRM AUGUST 17, 2016 |IN SALES, MARKETING |BY MARIE HALE After more than 10…

Facilitating Powerful Networking Events

0 Comments6 Minutes

Facilitating Powerful Networking Events AUGUST 1, 2016 |IN LEADERSHIP, SALES, NETWORKING |BY MARIE HALE After…

Leadership 4 Musts For An Effective One-On-One Meeting

0 Comments4 Minutes

Leadership 4 Musts For An Effective One-On-One Meeting JULY 15, 2016 |IN LEADERSHIP |BY MARIE HALE I’m often asked…