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Interview with Voyage Chicago

For the full interview… http://voyagechicago.com/interview/meet-marie-hale-revenue-roscoe-village/   Marie, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? I have been an entrepreneur since the age... Read More

Manufacturing the Future: A New Sales Landscape

Globally the manufacturing industry has undergone a massive transformation in the past decade. Recessions choked demand, employment continues to fall and the floors and lines don’t have the same consistent... Read More

Four Bulletproof Tips for Email Marketing Success

With all the new social media platforms and exciting digital content, these days email marketing may a little old fashioned. But email marketing can make a big impact on your... Read More

Your Values, Your Business. Yes, You Can Build A Dream Business Based On What You Value Most.

When we begin a conversation with a client, we’ll typically ask: “What type of business do you think is right for you?” Mind you, it’s not that we expect that... Read More

Sales + Marketing: Finger pointing or handshaking

Most businesses divide their sales team and marketing team into two different groups. At one organization I worked with, they were physically in different buildings… in different parts of the... Read More

What to Ask Before You Book: A Fast and Awesome Guide to Hiring the Right Speaker

  If you’re getting ready to start the sometimes daunting process of selecting a speaker for your stage, you’re undoubtedly aware of the tidal wave of details that need to... Read More