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How to Get Investors’ Attention

0 Comments6 Minutes

How to Get Investors' Attention APRIL 12, 2021 |IN SALES, BUSINESS |BY ANDREA KEIRN   For over a decade I worked…

How to Succeed in Retail in the Age of Amazon

0 Comments7 Minutes

How to Succeed in Retail in the Age of Amazon JANUARY 18, 2021 |IN SALES, BUSINESS |BY ANDREA KEIRN   So you had…

The Click to Purchase Myth.

0 Comments5 Minutes

When small brands roll out big dreams. There are billions of marketing books, articles and gurus all claiming they have…

The difference between a marketing plan and a sales plan

0 Comments4 Minutes

Business plans often glaze over sales and marketing very quickly. They want to know what the overall revenue goals are…

The Times They Are A-Changing: Managing Fear

0 Comments9 Minutes

By Emily Lonigro Do you feel something is changing? I do. It’s everywhere and I can’t quite name it yet. It feels deep…

6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a CRM

0 Comments4 Minutes

Still using Excel to track your networking connections? That might work, to a degree -- but it isn’t scalable. You…

The Impact of Values on Small Business

0 Comments4 Minutes

Value Statements, mission statements, retreats, and branding exercises are often considered luxuries that small…

Sales Sabotage: How Internal Communication is Hurting Your Bottom Line

0 Comments5 Minutes

In an ideal world, your sales and marketing teams would be best friends. Sadly, they don’t always see eye to…

Tools for Business Development

0 Comments3 Minutes

If you have any responsibility for developing business, you know how time-consuming and taxing it can be. Following up…