“Unless you can survive on three hours of sleep, telework, and have the magical ability to wash clothes with your mind, this is impossible.”

Scary Mommy, one of the top bloggers on motherhood, shares some staggering views on the pressures that working moms are experiencing – and the lack of a solution. From. the fear that we will damage our relationship with our children and their view of us as parents in general, to the mounting pressures from organizations that are ill-equipped to accommodate what a truly flexible work structure needs to be in these times, Scary Mommy lays it all on the line.

Gender Equality is set to step back not just a year in its timeline, we are going to lose decades. Working women who have lost their jobs or have had to decide to step back, will most likely be replaced with a male counterpart with less experience. If and when they decide to go back to the workforce their jobs will no longer be there, and their family life will have been forever changed. Without the ability to work in a part-time capacity, employers are letting go of their female employees at a rate of 5 to 1 since the pandemic.

We told Rosie the Riveter to leave her kitchen and serve her country, and now we are telling our working moms to take care of their families and let go of hard-earned careers, where there is still wage disparity, to hopefully come back one day.

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